Privacy Policy

Information gathering and usage

When you register an account with TeamSnippets we ask for personal information such as your name, email address, password, and credit card information. Passwords are encrypted before storage so they're never visible as plain text. Members who sign up for the free trial or who are not team owners are not required to enter a credit card.

We collect non-personal data when a user interact with our site, such as the browser name, location of access, and other anonymized usage statistics.

We work with trusted third party services from Amazon, Google, Stripe, and Rackspace to bring this service to you.


Cookies are only required for the web version of TeamSnippets and is used to store session information. Permanent cookies are not required.

Protecting your information

Your status updates on TeamSnippets are private and only visible to your team, with the exception of when support is requested, in which case site administrators may access your status updates for troubleshooting.

We use HTTPS connections to encrypt the transfer of all information.

We do not sell your information to a third party.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Minor changes may be made to the Privacy Policy in the future. Any new changes will be reflected here.